There are many countries that give much importance in the quality of their education. Different sectors of education are creating helpful advances for the improvement of the quality of their country’s education. Among the many varied advancements in education is the Common Core Standard. This is created to prepare the students for college life. This also gives a way in understanding the path they need to take in order to achieve success in life.

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There are already many countries that adopt the Common Core Standards. It is because of the goodness it brings in the educational system of their country. So, below are some of the benefits of Common Core Standards in education.

  • The Common Core Standard allows the state to compare accurately the standard test scores of the students. Before it arrives many schools and universities find it hard to make an accurate comparison of their students’ test scores. Due to this standard it will be easy for the teacher to monitor the progress of their students thru comparison of test scores.
  • This standard is bench marked internationally. It means that the standard of Common Core will complement also with other countries. To have standards that are bench marked a great improvement in education is possibly seen.
  • This will increase the accuracy of learning process in the classroom. It will result in the betterment of students in their college and upcoming success in global work. This is one of many reasons why the Common Core Standard is created. The higher education is already complaining about the increasing of college remediation during the first year of the students. The increase in accuracy in the process of learning will guide the students to be prepared in their life after high school.
  • This innovation will lessen the cost of states in paying for the scoring, reporting and test development. That is because every state will not anymore pay of developing their unique tests item. Each state that share similarities in standard may develop similar test in meeting split costs and the needs of their students as well.
  • It allows the teachers to monitor the progress of their students throughout the year. Teachers will use progress monitoring tools and pre-test to figure out the path plan of the students, their knowledge and what they want to achieve. This allows the teacher to compare individually the progress of their students instead to one another.
  • It leads in the development of HOTS or higher order thinking skills among the students. The assessment of Common Core can cover varied skills for every question. This can really lead for a better reasoning and increased of problem solving skills.
  • This standard benefits the students to have high mobility.
  • The assessments of Common Core will become more authentic in the experiences of child’s learning. Teachers will identify the learning of their students in all curricula with the use of multi-assessment models.
  • This academic innovation will enhance the professional development and teacher’s collaboration. The teachers in all nations will teach similar curriculum. This permits the teacher in different place share their best practice to each other. It also opens an opportunity into meaningful and professional development.


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