Characteristics of common core standards

It is the right of every individual to have a proper education. There is the so-called common core in education. This is the series of standards in education that every child should undergo. Common core standards have complete set of criteria and academic standards. Learning goals is very important because it serves as the way of outlining the information that students must know in every grade level.

It is a must to have standards because it is the basis of knowledge and understanding of students. If there is an outline of the needed information, it will be easy for the teacher as well as the students because there is a goal. Reaching the goal is very important. The process of achieving the goal will be useless if there are no common core standards. These are the criteria that professionals and teachers should follow too. Implementing the standards in education is very much needed so that students will have access to learning.

Common core standards should be implemented so that every student will gain enough information and knowledge as they continue studying and learning additional information. With the standards, it will be easy to follow the guidelines. Also, with the standards, there are specific knowledge and information that every child should learn. This will help the faculty or the teachers to easily teach the needed information. This means that the student will learn only the academic information that is suited for the specific grade level. As the grade or year level becomes higher, the learning differs and changes.

There are many countries that are starting to implement the common core standards in every school. This is in order to start changing the education into a more successful and competitive one. It is not enough that education of certain country is steady or stagnant. Change is sometimes needed especially if it is for the better. The common standards are needed in certain subjects like mathematics and English. These are some of the academic areas where standards should be set. If there is standard followed, the learning and competitiveness of students will enhance and developed. This is important in meeting the demands of international needs. Academic standards are very important from primary level up to college.

Common core makes up the knowledge of students through enhancing and developing the skills and talents of every child. It is said that learning is effective if it is based on the student’s experience. The goal of the common core is to develop the skills of students so that they are prepared and ready as they graduate from high school. In this sense, the learning is useful especially if they wanted to find a job. It is also the objective of the common core to prepare students when they already finished schooling. Through this, it would be possible to have and pursue own career after studying.

Characteristics of common core standards include the following:

  1. Evidence and researched based
  2. Consistent, clear and understandable
  3. Meet career expectations
  4. Based on knowledge application
  5. Makes up of the HOTS
  6. Applied and tested by influencing countries worldwide
  7. Prepare individual for global competence

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