Common core standards have changed the way students, parents and educators used to look at the education in the USA. Not only the common core standards have challenged the state standards and introduced new aspects of education, but they have challenged the educators and teachers in the USA to prepare common core sheets in order to polish the performance of the K-12 students. These sheets may help the students enter college confidently and then face the job market. It is a big claim, but it is a matter of fact. The sheets prepared by the teacher gauge the performance of the students, and sheets in accordance with common core standards will definitely help them excel.


We have already taken considered how the common core sheets may help students from Grade 1 to 8. In this article, we will have a look at how the innovatively conceived and designed worksheets can improve the performance of the high school students in Mathematics. A model Mathematics teacher should prepare an ideal number and quality worksheets for their high school students. This is where it gets really interesting, because proficiently teaching mathematics at the High School level, is not very easy. A teacher has to consider a wide array of domains from the mathematics curriculum.

For example, a teacher at High School level must consider the real number system and its domains. Without including them in their common core sheets, they cannot expect the students to learn the required mathematics skills and show them. Likewise a teacher must consider the domains from numbers and quantities, in order to make the best sheets; this includes accuracy and measurement, significant figures and approximating values etc. Another very important part to be considered is the complex number system. Lastly, vector and matrix quantities should be included in the sheets to let the students have a realistic idea about different domains under it.

Algebra has always been a horror for the High School students; a teacher should make sure that while they are preparing their common core sheets, they focus on the use of algebraic equations. At a High School level, the real algebra must be unleashed through the sheets to improve students’ understanding. A teacher can always innovate, create his own equations to solve the complicated problems and thus show the students how Mathematics is applicable in the real life. This level, must prepare them to enter college and then a career, confidently and independently.

The common core sheets should always be prepared with a view of grasping the most recent and advances progresses in the field of mathematics. In the spirit of doing this, a teacher should make good use of High School geometry practices. Geometry is the most advanced math and it should not be ignored. By the time students enter college, they must be familiar with all types of angles. Another very important part is High School level functions, statistics and probability. Their parts belong to the advanced mathematics, and if a student acquires proficient skills in these domains, they are certainly good for the college and the career. A teacher’s sheet must include these domains of mathematics.

Common Core Sheets – Polish A Students Skill
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