As the common core initiative has been welcomed by around forty-four states of the US and all of them have implemented the common core standards, the results from the state of Kentucky show that the common core standards are very successful. This has urged the teachers to think innovatively and devise some common core work sheets for their students. Obviously, if the standard of education has totally been changed, there must be some work in the worksheets, and teachers should employ some creativity to design more intelligent and effective worksheets for their students. As a matter of fact, the hard-working and innovative teachers of the United States have already started work on it.

Teachers from all over the US, at least from the whopping majority of the states which have adopted common core standards, have started associating their lessons to the common core standards. They are trying their level best to prepare effective and student friendly common core work sheets to increase the students’ understanding and knowledge in ELA and Mathematics. Since the worksheet is only and only a matter between a teacher and their students, common core standards do not touch this detailed issue.

It is thus a teacher’s responsibility to fully grasp on the common core standards and devise an effective and proficient worksheet for each class. Ideally, the common core work sheets should address all the domains incorporated into the common core standards, which I student must be aware of and master at. For example, in Grade 1, the Mathematics worksheet must develop a good understanding of subtraction and help the student excel in subtraction without any difficulty. Likewise, the teacher should focus on fractions and graphs when they make the worksheet for Grade 2. This worksheet will enable the student to confidently move on to Grade 3.

The teachers should not forget that their common core work sheets have to elevate the intellect and understanding of the students in Mathematics and ELA. This cannot be achieved without making work sheets tougher with every grade. The teacher of Grade 3 should prepare a worksheet to help students prepare for heavy fractions and measurement. In Grade 4 it will be best for the teacher to make their work sheets in accordance with basic geometry and basic algebra related lessons. While in Grade 5 the worksheets must polish their skills of real algebra, multiplication and long division.

At Grade level 6, the common core work sheets should prepare the students to show an understanding and mastery of real algebra. While Grade 7 worksheets should touch the difficult trigonometry, and the relationship between algebra and geometry, the Grade 8 worksheets should must encapsulate the geometry and three step problems, in order to help the students develop a complete and in depth understanding of them. Again, there cannot be any verdict on how and how not the worksheets should be. But if we really want to exploit the potential of the common core standards to their maximum, we should use smart thinking and innovation while making worksheets for our students.

Common Core Work Sheets

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