The common core curriculum is the name of new American national curriculum which has been accepted for K-12 students. This curriculum has been welcomed and accepted by forty-four American states. For a long time educationists have been of the opinion that the state standards are not good enough in order to determine the set of skills and knowledge which a student must possess and show at each academic level. Considering the growing demand for a national curriculum, a common core initiative was taken by the school chiefs and governors. Educators from all over the US collected the state standards and the models from the peer western states; it was how they made it possible to form a common core curriculum for all American students.

There are two main disciplines of the common core curriculum. The first one is English language arts and the second one is mathematics. The educators noticed that these two very important factors were ignored, and as a result the students were not able to acquire the set of skills and knowledge which were crucial for each academic level. In the ELA section, the educators made some smart changes, and ensured that before getting into college or a career, students must have proficient English language skills.

The common core curriculum introduces five key components to the standards of English language and arts: reading, writing, speaking, listening, language and media and technology. There are some key shifts in the standards for ELA, which are very important in improving the ELA related skills of the students. The common core standards do not strictly focus on the reading and writing skills like state standards. Instead, they put stress on the emerging complications of the texts which students are required to read in order to confidently face the academic challenges of college and then the career.

The common core curriculum focuses on the use of evidence from texts to form a careful and clear information. This is the reason why the intellect and knowledge of students will rely on the in depth insight and instead of their prior knowledge and exposure. Thus the tests, questionnaire and quizzes prepared under the common core curriculum, will be much more realistic and fruitful than the previous tests and quizzes under the state standards. Another great aspect of the ELA discipline is the reliance on content-rich nonfiction. To help students increase their content knowledge, the common core standards suggest that informational texts have to be made a part of the curriculum.

The common core curriculum suggests some very basic changes in the field of academic studies of mathematics. The educationists noticed that state standards for students’ performance in mathematics were not very realistic and according to the modern educational standard. The common core standards are derived from the best of the state standards and the standards of the peer western nations. The international research and studies in the field of mathematics were used by the common core educationists, in order to form a curriculum which best represents the unified intellect and exposure of the top mathematics educators. This is the reason why the common core curriculum is a result oriented curriculum, and the test results show that it will definitely increase the overall performance of K-12 students.

What Is The New Common Core Curriculum

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