We all know that math is one of the subjects that seem to be boring and hard to learn especially to those students who have been having a hard time in learning this subject. But to help those students having this kind of problem, the common core standard math is made. What is the aim of this common core standard mathematics?

math-standardsThe common core standard math aims to solve the problem of the curriculum that seems “a mile wide and an inch deep”. This common core standard is design and builds as the best high-quality standards from different states across the country. The common core standards math is design to provide specificity and clarity rather than broad general statements. In general, the mathematics standard is based on the student’s mathematical skills, knowledge and the understanding that develops over time. The common core standard math is for the skills and knowledge that a student can acquire that can be a tool for the preparation about mathematics in college, their career and the life that are woven throughout the mathematics standards.

The common core standard math is full of drills, activities and games that will enhance to the skills of every student and at the same time they will learn. This common core has been designed to a new and advance way of teaching in math subject. The common core standard math is best for parents, teachers, homeschoolers and other individuals who are looking for a different way of learning in mathematics. This common core standard math is one of the common cores that are made to be a world-class standard having the high quality in the learning process that a student can acquire.

The standard mathematics has prescribe several varieties of expertise that will help especially to all educators in all level to help develop in their students. Here are the following verities:

  • The NCTM process standards that focuses on the different lesson in mathematics like problem solving, proof and reasoning, representation, connection and communication.
  • The strands of mathematical proficiency in strategic competence, adaptive reasoning, conceptual understanding, productive disposition, and procedural fluency.

The common core standard mathematics has also standards mathematical domain that may help those students to understand more the subject. Here is the following standard domain:

  • Have sense in problem and persevere in solving them

In this new standard core, the students are mathematically, proficient that starts explaining the problem to themselves and starts looking for the entry points of its solution. They have been analyzing constrains, givens, goals and relationship.

  • The abstract and quantitative reasoning

The student makes sense in quantities and the relationship in problem situation. It has the two complementary abilities the decontextualize and contextualize.

The common core standard math can be printable that can be very useful for both educators and learners. You can also register to some website and programs that focuses in the common core standard math for you to know more about this common core standard math that is very useful and helpful in preparing students to college life and career.

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