Common Core is a set of high quality standards in academic for English language literacy or arts and Mathematics. Its learning goals outline what the students must know and must be able to achieve at the end of every grade. The Common Core is created to ensure that all the students who graduated from high school have the appropriate knowledge and skills in pursuing college and career no matter where their place is. The Department of Defense Education Activity and District of Columbia has voluntarily moved forward and adopted the features of Common Core.

This innovation in education has been given great progress in the academic status of students. It was evident that the academic progress of students is becoming stagnant particularly in subjects like Math. Also, the college remediation rates are increasing. One of the root causes is the uneven patchwork of the academic standards that vary from universities to universities. This does not complement with what the students must know and the things they must achieve on their grade level.

Recognizing the need for consistency of value in learning goals across different schools, the development of Common Core is highly appreciated. It occurs through the effort of different school chiefs, governors that composed of NGA Centre and CSSO. The Common Core Standards is designed among the collaboration of administrators, teachers, school chiefs and other experts. These standards provide a consistent and clear framework to all educators.

The Common Core Standard is informed by highest and most effective standards from states in different countries around the world. The standards determine the skills and knowledge of student that they must learn in their education in K-12. That is for them to be prepared after graduating in high school. It will also define if they are already able in succeeding the entry-level of their chosen career. This is also an introduction with their academic courses in college and the workforce of their training programs.

The Common Core Standards encompasses the following:

  • Built upon the lessons and strengths of the current state standards
  • Evidence and research based
  • informed by the other top performing countries so that students will be prepared in obtaining success in the global society and economy
  • Consistent, clear and understandable
  • Based on the rigorous application and content of knowledge via higher order thinking skill or HOTS
  • Alignment in the career and college expectations

This is very helpful to parents so that they can assure that their children are already prepared in the demand of this world after their schooling. The Common Core Standards is one of the many aspects that promote quality academic learning to every student. It is good for other state universities to adopt this kind of innovation. This helps is building the future of students. Students will be more prepared in the path that they will be taking after graduation. It will be a great possibility for theme to experience success in their chosen field.


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