Curricular Materials for Common Core Curriculum

The curriculum of Common Core is implemented for the assistance of educators. In order to systematically assist the teachers, it has curricular modules. This may be adapted for local purposes. Upon following the Common Core, there is already an available material for them. It comes with Mathematics and English subjects.

The curricular materials are available both in Word or PDF versions. Some of the lessons are provided for detailed instructions. It is also recommended to remember that the lessons are not script. It must be viewed as vignettes in order for the reader to imagine how the students will look for it. The lessons are also adaptable. It allows teacher’s flexibility and preference so that whatever happens in the classroom will be met by the students. This allows in following the service shifts and standards. You will also be provided with Equip rubric or Tristate if you wanted to make remarkable changes in your lessons. This is to help you in evaluating the alignment, quality, rigor for your adapted lessons.

The curricular modules for Math include the significant set of problems for the students. This is for them to have appropriate opportunity in applying and practicing the lessons learned. The educators may help their students in achieving deep and conceptual knowledge. It will be a possibility thru asking them of selected complete problems designed for thoughtful and sequential order. Not all the problems in problem set are expected in administering. But educators can select from the necessary level of the provided problems. The educators may also adapt the curriculum with the use of their own judgment about the student’s pace and needs of a certain semester or year.

Curriculum Materials for English: It is structured in 4 hierarchy levels. Educators can navigate it by grade by varied modules within a certain grade level. Every module is divided within units. Every unit is further divided in lessons.

Curriculum Materials for Math: This is structured in 3 hierarchy levels. The process of navigating and dividing of module is the same as for English.

Features of the Curriculum Materials:

  1. Include learning and teaching experiences that can scaffold P-12 grade level. This is focused on the project trajectory and learning progressions of the learning standards for each of the content area
  2. Support learning and teaching learning from pre-kindergarten up to grade 12. These provide access in spiraled, sequenced, instructional practices and content-rich state wide curriculum programming for the attainment support of CCLS. This is aligned with the strategic goals of the Board of Regents.
  3. Emphasizing of resources that are developed and planned according in the principles of the Universal Design for Learning. The students are able of using this including the:
  • accelerated learners
  • English language learners
  • students with disabilities

The success of the Core Common Curriculum will also depend on the proper execution of its curricular materials. Every educator must be equipped enough in using each materials in order to achieve the daily objective of every lesson.



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