The Common Core State Standards

The Common Core State Standard provides the clear articulation for the state’s educational goal. This happens through the consistent message of the expectations of students in learning. It then results in giving appropriate help to students from their parents and teachers. It is designed in order to become relevant in the real world. This will lead in the reflection of skills and knowledge that the students need for achieving success in college and in their career. As the students become full prepared, the community is in best position in competing successfully for the global economy.

Features of the Common Core State Standards:

  • It is evidence-based.
  • It has focus in deepening relevant and rigorous application and content f skills and knowledge with the use of 21st century thinking skills.
  • It has fluency that gives automatic and proficient result.
  • This has an order progression of student’s performance thru its clear, understandable and consistent goal.
  • It has challenges and complexity that aligned in the college demand and work expectations.

How does it Work?

  • It is used in developing frameworks in assessment. Achieving of standards thru the students must be verifiable and observable.
  • It has rigorous high cognitive level demands thru asking the students in demonstrating deep and conceptual understanding by application of the content skill and content knowledge for every new scenario.
  • It offers limited repetition beyond the grades. This is to help educators to be aligned in the standard instructions.
  • This provides sufficient clarity and guidance in order for the student to be measurable, teachable and learnable.
  • Conveys unified vision for big idea that supports concepts within the discipline. This also shows reflection for learning that is appropriate and meaningful.
  • Provides enough guidance in the design of instructional materials and curricula. It does not prescribe the manner of learning and teaching. But this will let the teachers become flexible in teaching students in learning varied relevant instructional context.

Classroom Implementation of the Common Core State Standards:

  • Looking for some connections in what you already experienced in the classroom.
  • Project based learning that emphasizes the 21st century knowledge and skills.
  • Reflecting on the manner of collaborating with other peers for refining rigor in the curriculum together with instructional practice.
  • Investigate, design and share exemplars for authentic performance and curriculum design tasks while engaging learning experience.
  • Considering their expertise in sharing or skill up in the Professional Learning Community in delivery of relevant and rigorous curriculum in all of the students.

The Common Core State Standards can be reflected in the assessments that emphasize in the critical thinking and performance assessment. This can increase the use of project based learning and authentic performance. It can also lead in the improvement of informational writing to all kind of disciplines. This standard is a great insight for the improvement of educational system of a certain country. It will simply give every students access in global knowledge that results in best practices. Whatever the gained skills and knowledge thru the Common Core State Standards, it will surely be a weapon for increase of global economy.


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