A Few Things That Every Teacher Must Know About the Common Core State Standards


In the past three decades we have seen many initiatives focused on improvement of education and this is not something unusual. The government, parents and teachers are always looking for a way to ease the process of learning and keep the same level or reach better quality of education for the children. Many experienced teachers believe that the implementation of the Common Core State Standards has finally allowed all the participants to get what they want and need.

Of course, these Common Core standards can’t all the problems and difficulties in the schools, but it is definitely a good way for teachers and educators in general to pass the knowledge they have.

Effective and teaching cannot be confirmed with simple tests that have multiple answers. The only way to educate students is to provide teaching that includes theory, practice and research. This is something that these standards recognize as a fact. These standards also confirm that the educators are the ones that have the final say when it comes to good teaching methodologies.

How Common Core State Standards improve the quality of teaching

We are all aware that the technology is advancing really fast and all these new things need to be implemented in the teaching process. Common Core State Standards can certainly provide that. What makes CCSS interesting is that it helps students to learn more about every subject not just certain classes. It helps students learn how to use information not just memorize it. Thanks to the different projects, inquiry activities, assessments teachers can easily determine whether they students understand what they are doing or not. This is an exceptionally effective strategy that helps students learn, understand and develop skills.

Instead of relying on multiple choice tests, teachers can now encourage students to show what they have learned via different contexts. Common Core education helps students to prepare for college and their future careers. It helps them understand what they like and want. The Common Core State Standards are focused on the teachers and educators as the most important element in the education process.

Few Tips that can help Teachers adjust to Common Core State Standards

It is crucial to understand that CCSS is all about getting the teaching profession to its basic purpose – producing successful students. These standards are designed based on student’s needs.

You can use these standards to improve and modify your current teaching practice and achieve better efficiency and results.

With the help of CCSS teachers are able to find the connection between all disciplines starting from math and science to social studies and English language. These standards promote reading of numerous texts on different topics.

What makes CCSS different is the fact that students can become more independent learners. They will know how to use their acquired knowledge and how to easily overcome the difficulties they’ll encounter with some new subjects.

There is no doubt that Common Core State Standards are definitely standards of the future of education.

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