Educational standards refer to the learning goals that each student should be able to fulfill at each grade level. This will help teachers ensure that each one of their students acquire all the necessary skills and knowledge in order to be successful once they are out of school. Educational standards can also help parents determine what is expected of their children.


What is Common Core?

Common Core refers to the set of educational standards geared towards kindergarten and 12th grade students. This is to help them be ready for college and career. It deals with a wide array of subject matter, from the English language, arts and mathematics. 43 states in the US have already adopted and are working to have these standards implemented into their educational system. The standard is designed to help graduating high school students prepare for the two or four-year college programs of their choosing or entering the workforce.

The people behind the creation of the standard were the nation’s governors and education commissioners, in cooperation with the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the National Governors Association for Best Practices (NGA). It is also said that Common Core is a brainchild of the combined efforts of parents, teachers, school administrators and educations from all over the country.

Did the educators have active participation in the establishment of the standards?

The simple answer would be yes. Teachers and stands experts all over the country were the people behind the drafting process of the new standards. There are four different ways wherein they were able to revolutionize the standards and these are as follow:

  1. They work hand-in-hand with the Feedback and Work Groups for the ELA and math standards.
  2. With the help of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), National Education Association (NEA), National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and Mathematics (NCTM), teachers were able to providing their own constructive feedback on the standards.
  3. Teachers were grouped into teams and conduct regular meetings to further discuss and provide feedback on drafts of the said standards.
  4. Teachers can provide their own input on the standards during the two public comment periods.

Why is it important?

The said standards were made to keep educational standards high all over the nation. This is to provide students, teachers and parents the idea on what they need to expect to make sure that each student acquires all the skills and knowledge necessary in order to have a successful college and career after graduating from high school, regardless of which location they are in.

These sets of standards are geared to meet the requirements of colleges and employers. The standards are also designed in a way to help students to compete and collaborate with their peers within or outside Unite States. Unlike previous state standards, which varied from one state to the other, this newly introduced education standard enables collaboration among states on a wide a variety of tools and policies including but not limited to:

  • Development of wide range of educational materials such as textbooks, digital media and other related tools
  • Establishment and development of common comprehensive assessment systems that can substitute existing testing systems to keep track of a student’s performance each academic year. Also, this can help teachers come up with the specific feedback to properly guide students to reach their goals.
  • Development of tools and other support materials to help educational institutions and educators to ensure that each student is able to learn the new standards

How is it different from previous education standards?

These newly established educational standard was developed by creating the best educational standards in the US. It also came into existence by examining what other high-performing countries expect from the best educational standard. It was also created by carefully studying the literature and research available on what necessary things students need to know and do in order to make it in college and have a successful career.

How much does it cost to have it implemented?

The costs for implementing standards will vary from one state to the other. While majority of the states are already spending a considerable amount of money assessments, professional development and other related curriculum materials. With the implementation of the standard, there will be some additional costs required as there is a need to compensate all the expenses for the materials, teachers’ training and other equally important aspects of the implementation. However, states would still be able to save by harnessing the capabilities of modern technology and other open source materials. They just need to make sure that they make wise decisions in order to maintain the standards.

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