Education has been upgrading nowadays, from old curriculum education it has been upgraded to a much globally competitive education, a high-class quality of education. Different subjects has been revised and upgraded to enhance its quality for the students to have upgraded knowledge in preparing for college life and also for their career. One of this is mathematics in terms of common core standard math subjects is one of the standardized subjects today. Math common core talks about different activities that have been developed to be more comprehensive in learning process. Many activities have been made to help those students and educators to have an easy learning process in these subjects.

math-common-coreThe math common core is composed of different drills, activities and even games that help to educators to have a new avenue in terms of learning materials and it serves also to the students a new guide in learning and at the same time they enjoy this new type of materials that will help them to learn.

Here are some lists of the different activities made in the Math common core to different level, from the lowest level up to the highest level:

Mathematics for Kindergarten - because it is the lowest level mostly their activities are easier suitable for the beginner students. Their activities are more on counting and cardinality, algebraic thinking and operations.

Mathematics for 1st Grade - in this level their activities is more on numbers and operations into base ten and also in the algebraic thinking and operations.

Mathematics in 2nd Grade - for the second grade they also do the numbers and operations into base ten and measurement and data.

Mathematics in 3rd Grade - in this level they undergo activities like measurement and data, operations and algebraic thinking, number and operations in fractions and number and operation into base ten.

Mathematics in 4th Grade - the activities in this level is algebraic thinking, operations and number and operations in base ten.

Mathematics in 5th Grade - talk about numbers and operations in fraction and number and operations in base ten.

Mathematics in 6th Grade - in this level they already have the number system, statistics and probability and expression and equation.

There are many activities in mathematics subjects that can be helpful to every educator and student during the learning process. Activities can be also printable to be useful even without the use of computers. Educators, students and even parents can also visit or register to different websites or programs to view more about this math common core. This kind of core is not only helpful to those students and educator but to those parents who’s been looking for some drills and activities that they can be used for their children who is undergoing home schooling. The math common core is design for a better math discussion through the new set of different upgraded drills, games and activities that can give a world-class high quality standard of learning process.

The Math Common Core

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