If you are a parent with a child that is in public school you may be interested to know more about common core standards. Common core tests are being rejected by many parents and with the help of parents permission kids are able to decline the chance to take these Math, English, language and arts tests. Objecting to the tests is well within the rights of any parent but here are some of the top things that many parents love about common core and how it is helping their children:

1. Standardized tests are going to be required in the future: exposing children to standardized tests an early age can help to make sure that they are ready to take the SAT or ACT later on in life.

2. It can give kids a huge confidence boost: When kids start to practice for the core test they can pick up a number of interesting concepts as well as have more confidence in school.

3. It can help them to learn more about themselves: learning more about the way that they take tests at an early age can help to prepare kids for almost any type of evaluation in the future. Some children are great at performance in school but have problems with test performance. Common Core can identify these problems early on.

4. Test preparation improves study methods: much of the test preparation early on can help to improve the study habits of almost any student. These improvements in communication, analysis and study habits can benefit their education for the future.

5. It sets a good precedent: Teaching kids that there are some challenges in life which are unavoidable and required for everyone can be a good precedent for a life lesson. If the school and parents both expect their children to take common core, kids can study hard and work to achieve good grades in the testing which is a great lesson for their diligence.

Overall parents that have had their kids go through common core testing have suggested that it is a challenge but one that kids can triumph over when they take it seriously and study hard.

Top 5 Things Parents Love About Common Core

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